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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

OLD SCHOOL: A post from my glory days

Shhh...don't tell this blog, but once upon a long-long time ago, I had a brief blog at CAMPUS PROGRESS.

It was just a fling, baby, so I'd rather keep on the DL. You know how those jealous types get and, uh-hem, I have not decided if I'm a one-blog kind of gal.

However, for collectivity and organization's sake, this here blogger will be alpha.

This was my post from a section called GRADE THIS:

Virginia is for Lovers – but not for underwear. My fellow D.A.R.E. graduates will surely stand with me and applaud anyone who can say no to crack. However, this cheer stops short of Virginia’s lawmakers and their fashion crusade against visible boxers, briefs, thongs, and low riding pants. Recently, the House passed a bill written by Algie T. Howell (D) that will impose a fine of 50 dollars on anyone who wears pants that expose underwear in an offensive manner. Kudos to Lionell Spruill (D) for reminding the House to think about the fashion crimes of lore- "shell suits, Afros, and platform shoes." The plumbers of Virginia need not worry, yet – the bill must still pass the state senate.

Virginia’s law: F. Their tourism Motto: A +. Howell: F. Spruill: C – only because some of us still dig the ‘fros.
Elizabeth Sexton, Northwestern Missouri State University

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