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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Bryant Park Project-Lite

Is anyone down for a movement to bring Luke Burbank back?
I'm serious.
Today was just wrong.

After Burbank left, I'm afraid the sizzle within the show has gone luke-warm.

It's like some sneaky sneakster just replaced your Paul Newman Organic Special Roast with... errr...Folgers!

I consider myself "easy to please" and will never forget those rough Aldi-days, but there are three things in my life that can not and never should be an "off-brand" :

1. coffee
2. toilet paper


3. the host of my favorite radio program

So please, MoveOn, Urgent Ron Paulians, and all you grassrooters, consider it; we can finally unite.

"Hey hey.. Ho Ho... bring back my favorite host of the show..."

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